HoUSe System

      In August of 2017, Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School launched the HoUSe System. At HNS, every student, faculty, and staff member belong to one of six HoUSes. You will notice that each HoUSe is represented by a Christian symbol and Catholic liturgical colors. The goal of the HoUSe System is to provide an opportunity for students and faculty to interact across grade levels (K-8) in healthy competition and support each other as they grow in their Catholic faith. Students will learn to work hard individually for the good of their HoUSe, in addition to working as a team. The HNS HoUSe System encourages teamwork, friendship, service, and leadership. HoUSes compete against each other in the areas of academics, athletics, behavior, school spirit, and community service. 

     Each HoUSe is subdivided into three smaller HoUSes: the Big HoUSe (6-8 grades); the Lil' HoUSe (3-5 grades); and the Mini House (K-2 grade). Once students reach the Big HoUSe, they will remain in that HoUSe until they graduate from HNS and are life-long members. The Lil' and Mini HoUSes rotate annually to allow these grades to learn more about the customs and traditions of different HoUSes. 

     HoUSes compete quarterly for SPIRIT points with the winner of the nine weeks receiving six SPIRIT points, second place receiving five SPIRIT points, etc. The winning HoUSe receives the Fr. Larry McBride SPIRIT Cup. This trophy is a traveling trophy awarded annually and engraved with the year and HoUSe name. The winning HoUSe will also have their flag displayed in front of the building for the entirety of the following school year.

     Please click on the images below to learn more about each HoUSe (patron HoUSe Saint, HoUSe leaders, non-profit/philanthropy group, motto/scripture, etc.), the current Scoreboards, the CARDINAL 10, and the HNS Theme of the year!



HoUSe Scoreboards


Cardinal 10


2019-2020 Theme "Gratitude"